chicken busses and colectivos

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chicken busses and colectivos

Postby danmason on Wed Dec 04, 2002 2:52 pm

Colectivos are old VW minibusses. They drive all over mexico, with the side door wide open. They cost around 70 cents in a city, or a few bucks for a longer distance. Most of the fun is that they drive like madmen on these mountain cliffs, with the door open. The chicken busses are reused elementary school busses from the US. They suck for those of us with longer legs than a 2nd gader. They fill up, 3 people to a seat, with people in the isle. Anyhow, the wost part is when they hit the dirt roads. ug. anyhow, my knees dont like chicken busses. The dirt roads are always on the edge of a cliff, and they drive like a bat out of hell. its even better in the dark.

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