fuentes georginas

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fuentes georginas

Postby danmason on Sun Dec 08, 2002 7:21 pm

hey, im back in xela now. i forgot to mention that i went to fuentes georginas last friday morning/afternoon. its a few man-made swimming pools, that are filled from a hot spring. though i wouldnt call the water `hot`, it was still pretty warm for a spring. there was a slight steam coming from the water, it was pretty cool. anyhow, adios.

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Fuentes Georginas

Postby urunkajoe on Mon Dec 09, 2002 7:57 pm

Ola Dan, que pasa dude? I've read that the hot springs are alot cooler (or hotter) than you describe them to be. Maybe you'll find some others more to your liking. It sounds like there are hot springs all over the country, due to the large amount of geothermal activity present.
Thanks for calling us the other day. It was nice talking to you. Sharon says hi and wishes you "happy trails".
It's really cool reading about your travels. Keep having fun!

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