dan sick

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dan sick

Postby danmason on Sat Dec 28, 2002 1:23 pm

actually, im almost better. i caught a cold on christmas eve. the runny nose is gone now, and i just have slight symptoms. i paid for another week here in san pedro. im starting to plan the next leg of my trip. i think i am going to try to find a shuttle from panajachel to flores. from flores ill visit tikal, then probably goto rio dulce and livingston, then probably on to honduras. who knows, maybe ill get stuck here, as many people do. ive heard land is around 20,000 quetzal, ie 2700 US. anyhow, time to go.

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Postby Lee Christoffersen on Sat Dec 28, 2002 2:45 pm

Hi Dan,
Sorry to hear that you are/were sick. Sounds like you have a cold from which you will recover soon I hope. Did you have a good time at the Christmas party? Tell us about the "endless food". Was there anything that we would recognize?

Good to hear that you are staying another week at that hotel you like. That will give you time to recuperate and do some research and planning about your Hondorus travels.

Have you done anything more about Spanish lessons? Do you feel your first couple of days has made a difference in your communicating skills?

It was wonderful to chat with you on Christmas Eve. We are soooo sorry that we couldn't call you back. It isn't that your Mom didn't try ........I guess that Vartech plan we have doesn't work internationally, but it sure does save us a lot of money. I do make a lot of calls to out of town relatives.

We had a simply wonderful Christmas here in ole Minnesota except for missing one important member of the family. Guess who??????
Love, lots of it,
Gram Lee
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