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Postby danmason on Fri Oct 24, 2003 6:30 pm

I left Granada this afternoon for Leon. I had to go through Managua, the capital to get here. So on the way through Managua I stopped by the bus company 'King Quality' to look into busses to Guatemala. The guy at King Quality says that I can catch a bus direct to San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador and then the same day catch a bus to Guatemala City. The total trip is only 15 hours. So Im certainly going to do that.

Tomorrow Ill head back to Managua. The city seemed ok, and there isnt much here in Leon. I was going to check out the Ruins of the old city Leon Vieja. Ive since talked to someone who went to see Leon Vieja today. Aparently whats left of the buildings has been plastered over to preserve it. So Im going to skip that. Ill probably spend at least a day relaxing in Managua, then head off to Guatemala City.

So far the people of Leon have been frustratingly stupid. Hopefully that will change.

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