alausi and guayaquil

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alausi and guayaquil

Postby danmason on Sun Mar 23, 2003 11:08 am

So I took a train to Sibamba, then back up to Alausi. The train ride was supposed to be this cool hair raising thing. They were supposed to have an old school coal fueled train. But despite the photos, guidebooks and everything else it was boring. They replaced the train with old busses retro fitted with train wheels. And the descent wasnt scary. To make things worse, it was all kinds of annoying tourists. Stupid old german people, and such. One of them said 'i cant believe ecuadorians travel like this'. The ecuadorians couldnt believe we paid $11 for a 5 hour train ride, when the bus is $1.50 for 1.5 hours. Anyhow, it was a big dissappointment.

So now we are in Guayaquil, the most populous city in Ecuador. We got here just after dark, and found a hotel downtown. After dinner me and Thomas went looking for an internet cafe. 2 blocks later we notice a street fight. We decieded that if the cops didnt stop that sort of thing, theyd be no help to us, and went back. On the way back Thomas mentioned reading that Guayaquil is the 2nd most dangerous place on earth, right under the southern region of Colombia. Whoops. Doesnt seem too bad during the day though. We are going to try to contact one of our friends here in Guayaquil today, and if we cant get ahold of him, were going to a beach town.

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