salar de uyuni

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salar de uyuni

Postby danmason on Mon May 12, 2003 5:08 pm

Friday I left on a 4 day tour of Salar de Uyuni. Basically it was a tour of the Uyuni salt flats, and a bunch of desert. At one point we were at 5,000 meters, which is about 16,400 feet. Its very cold, and hard to breath. Walking around made me lose my breath. We slept at about 4200 meters one night (13,700 feet). It was very cold. I slept with all my clothes, my jacket, and 3 thick blankets. We saw the salt flats, which are amazing. Its white as far as you can see, with a few mountains sticking out in the distance. Then we saw various lagoons, some with flamingos. We saw all kinds of strange rock formations. Aparently the wind, and sand carved them. I basically saw everything you could imagine in a desert. I also saw a mirage, it looked like a lake, but there wasnt one there. Freaky. Anyhow, Im back in Uyuni right now. I have a ticket for 1:22am on a train to Oruro. From there I have to decide if I want to bus to Santa Cruz, and take a train to Brasil. Or I may head for the Amazon, I guess you can take a boat into Brasil. I need to do some reading on the train, then figure out where a VISA for Brasil would be most convienent.

You may have noticed my site was down since friday. VISI had a power outage. My machine hung on a fsck of /var. Anyhow, I emailed my buddy Doug, and he did a manual fsck for me. Everything is peachy now.

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