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Postby danmason on Tue May 13, 2003 11:01 am

Well Im in Oruro. I planned on going straigt to the bus station, and moving on to santa cruz. However, the bus drivers have a blocade on busses leaving Oruro. Aparently they want more cash, and benefits or something. Anyhow, I dislike bolivia more and more every day. I guess theyre lazy protesters though, they go home at night. So my bus should be able to leave by 7 or so. I changed my plans slightly. I was going to catch the train from Santa Cruz to the Brasilian border. But now I think Ill see some of the amazon. I can take a bus from Santa Cruz to Trinidad. From Trinidad I take a boat up to Guayaramerin. From there I take a boat across to Brasil. Then I plan to take boats all the way to the coast. This was I skip Brasilia, and I see the entire Brasilian coast. This will take longer, but I imagine the Amazon is pretty cool.

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