sao paulo

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sao paulo

Postby danmason on Mon Jun 09, 2003 10:45 am

So Im in Sao Paulo now. My only real problem with this town is the lack of internet cafes. So far Ive walked all over the town, and this is the only one that Ive found.

Brasil isnt as cheap as the rest of south america. So Im staying in a slightly shadey area in a ´love hotel´. The hotel is clean though, and the employees are nice. When I was filling out my information 3 different girls came down to the desk to by condoms, kinda funny. But hey, its only $5 a night for my room. I think my mattress is made of straw or something, cause it makes a strange cruncing noise.

The whole portuguese language thing has proven interesting. Yesterday it took me a couple minutes of babbeling to order a McChicken value meal. I got a dictionary to learn the new words. A lot of the words are the same, or just slightly altered. Words that end with cion (tion in english) become çao. I can read and write basic portuguese, but I can say anything other than dez, which is 10. Luckily if I speak spanish, some people seem to understand.

My biggest problem so far has been cash machines. I dont recognize all the words, and half the machines have something against cirrus. It immediatly ejects the card with some anti-cirrus message. Luckily I found a citibank office near my hotel than has bilingual atms.

Yesterday for lunch I had corn on the cob. They seem to have corn venders every block or so. You can get it bloiled or grilled. With lots of salt and butter. Then for dinner I splurged and had a huge sushi meal. Its the first sushi Ive had since dad took me out for suchi in november.

Today Ive got to find the Copa office and change my Bogota->Panama ticket to November.

Anyhow, Im starved. hasta luego..

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