medoza and salta

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medoza and salta

Postby danmason on Fri Jul 18, 2003 3:48 pm

So I left the glacial town of El Calafate tuesday at noon. Ive mostly lost intrest in Argentina, being that its winter. So I busted ass up to Mendoza, which was like 46 hours on 2 busses. Mendoza was also cold, so I cleaned up, took a nap, and caught a bus out at 8 to Tucumen, followed by a bus to Salta. Finally I am in a warm town. But, I have a bus out tonight at 10pm for the Bolivian border. ¡Estoy muy loco! Im tired of travelling alone, and I have friends in Santa Cruz Bolivia. Im also tired of moving, and I hate busses with a passion. That said, Im gonna stay in Santa Cruz for at least a month.

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