new photos online!

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new photos online!

Postby danmason on Fri Dec 12, 2003 4:51 pm

I finally uploaded some more photos. Now you can see lovely San Pedro. You may have noticed in the last few days sporadic outages for this web site. I investigated it, and this computer is running out of memory. As it turns out, an average of 100 people a day are browsing my photo gallery. Kind of crazy. When I get home Ill buy some more ram, in the mean time things may be slow. Anyhow, on with the photos.


Here are some of my friends in San Pedro

The falafel joint, where I usually eat breakfast.

Zoo La, a garden restaurant with amazing food. Zoo La is hebrew for cool place, or hangout.

Freedom Bar and Restaurant, owned and built by some ecuadorian friends.

Misc. photos from around San Pedro.

Klaus's house, the nicest house in San Pedro.

Tracey's birthday party at the Zoo La.


Isla de Ometepe





Museo del Oro (gold museum in Bogota)


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